5 of the Best Camping Lights to Bring on a Family Trip

5 of the Best Camping Lights to Bring on a Family Trip

Camping with your family is one of the best bonding experiences you can ask for but not everyone settles in as quickly as you might like. Yes there will be fire, but when that sun disappears and those stars come out its dark. Navigating around your campsite becomes difficult, below are some of the best flashlights and lanterns to help you brighten things up. Make sure to add these to your camping list!

Etekcity LED Camping Lantern

This compact, tiny LED lantern is bright! It’s small size makes it perfect for traveling, sticking in your tent or letting the kids run around with. When your not using it, it pushes into its self which is perfect for storage. This camping lantern is made with 30 individual low powered LED bulbs so the 3 AA batteries that it requires will last a very long time. Its built tough and water resistant. This is a fantastic light to have, they are about the size of a small water bottle when opened so its nice to have a few of them and with the low cost its affordable to do so.


Portable LED Tent LightBulb

If your sleeping in a tent it is a must to have a tent light. Navigating inside of a tent becomes almost impossible with out a light, you could have a flash light tucked away somewhere but I can almost guarantee it will become lost in the clutter. This portable LED tent light has a built in hook which allows it to easily hang inside your tent. It has 3 light settings: bright, dim and flashing. It requires 3 AAA batteries and since its LED it last forever! They are water resistant and made from plastic not glass, these are a must have for tent camping.


LED Camping Headlamp

The first things my wife said to me on our very first camping trip together when I put on my headlamp was “Are you serious with that thing?”. Headlamps yes look ridiculous but they are bar far the most practical light you will have when you are camping. The ability to have light in the dark and still have both hands free is a miracle and a must have. This headlamp has many light modes which include, White (high, med, low), Flashing and 2 red light modes. It also takes just 1 AA battery. It also is very light weight and produces up to 115 Lumens!


Ultra Bright Compact LED Flashlight

This little guy is a beast! Very small, very bright. Super Bright 300 Lumens LED Producing An Intense Beam of Light up to 600 feet and get this it all runs off of a single AA battery! This LED Flashlight is heavy duty and is tough as nails. I first got mine as a simple back up to keep in one of my packs, its now the only actual flash light I use. Buy a couple of these guys, the kids will love them.



Solar LED Stake Lights

You know those terrifying 2am bathroom breaks, when you have to unzip your tent and step out into complete darkness…ya no more of those!! This has been one of the best ideas I’ve come across! You set these little Solar LED Stake Lights all around your camp site, they charge very fast during the day and come night time your entire camping site will be lit up! Just dont forget to take off the top and turn on the switch.

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