The Best Unlimited Portable Power Source Combo

The Best Unlimited Portable Power Source Combo

Never be without power again!

Having power these days is important, especially for cellphones. If you get lost, if you need to take pictures or just need to stay connected to the world while your out traveling or in an emergency situation you will need phone with power. Thankfully technology has reached a point where we can harness the power of the sun in the palms of our hands! Solar power is nothing new, but portable solar power is truly remarkable. Below I have put together a simple, inexpensive combo of portable power equipment that is perfect for keeping in the car, a survival kit or just your everyday backpacking and camping trip.

Portable solar panels really work! The first time I tested this I thought it was going to be a gimmick and a complete waste of money, I was wrong. It almost feels like magic, when you lay a portable solar panel in the sun and see your phone light up, its amazing. One downside is wasting that energy. You cant keep your phone plugged in 24/7 so that is why having a battery power bank to store that energy is the perfect addition to the solar panel. The 2 items work together perfectly and allow you to quickly store free energy which you can then use for any phone or tablet device.

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